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How Aromatherapy Works with the Psychology of Scent

How Aromatherapy Works with the Psychology of Scent

How Aromatherapy Works with the Psychology of Scent

Smell is arguably one of the most interesting and powerful of our 5 main senses. It has powerful connections to memory and emotion, something many people overlook when using scented candles or aromatherapy.

Of course, the psychology of scent is one of our most important tools when creating our candles scents. So, we thought we’d give you a brief rundown on the psychology of scent to explain how we create our interesting and provocative candles.

Scent and memory

It’s no secret that our sense of smell is closely linked to our memory functions. How many times have you smelled something that’s reminded you of a particular time in your life? In fact, this can often happen without us consciously knowing it, as smells can trigger long-forgotten memories.

But this can also work the other way. Once you know about the link between scent and memory, you can use scents to help you better remember things in the future. For example, burning a candle when with friends or family will help you to recall these happy memories in the future. Similarly, the link between scent and memory can even be used for things like exam revision, which is a powerful tool for recalling useful information.

Scent and emotion

In addition, scent is closely linked to emotion. This is essentially the cornerstone of the perfume industry, which uses combinations of scents to create feelings of desire, happiness and power. The same is true for our scented candles, as we choose careful combinations of fragrances that create feelings of relaxation, or other combinations that energise you.

For example, our Jade Orchid and Lotus Blossom candle combines fragrances that lead to feelings of relaxation, with just a hint of cinnamon for a refreshing kick. Alternatively, something like our Omo Naija candle, with notes of black coffee, vanilla and orange blossom is the perfect combination to help you feel revitalised and energised, ready to tackle anything.

Unique scent preferences

One of the most interesting things with the psychology of scent is that no two people appreciate scent in the same way. We all have different perceptions of scent, and as a result all have different scent preferences. For example, while some people enjoy the smoky aroma of oak and musk, others prefer fruity fragrances. This is much like how we all see and appreciate colour differently.

Luckily we provide a bespoke candle service, where you work closely with our Head Chandler to develop the candle that’s perfectly matched to your scent psychology. You can’t truly appreciate your personal scent psychology until you’ve had a scented candle made specifically for you.


The psychology of scent is a fascinating subject and not many people appreciate how much it impacts our lives. Scent is linked to both memory and emotion, and so can be used to create intimate links between people, places, and events. If you’re interested in seeing how scent can be used to direct your memories, take a look over our extensive range of scented candles to find the one that’s right for you.