Bespoke Candles

Here at Imọlẹ Candles, we provide a bespoke candle service which allows you to work closely with our Head Chandler and Creative Director - Latifah Ojukutu-Macauley, to create a truly unique signature home fragrance, which can be used in either a candle or reed diffuser of your choice.
For further information, please see our process below or contact us to book a consultation. 



The process of creating a bespoke scent is a completely collaborative experience from start to finish. We start with a one-to-one consultation with Latifah, this is where she will take you on a personal visual journey, discussing each step of the process in fine detail, ensuring the final product is completely personal and unique to you.

So, whether you are looking to create a unique gift, wedding favours or a home fragrance, Latifah can guide you through the process, using her expertise.



Latifah will talk you through the formulation process step by step, and meticulously explain each fragrance note, discussing the finer points of scent conception to help you create your perfect scent, translating your thoughts into something truly individual and refined.



Following on from your consultation, within 2 weeks you will receive 3 different sample options of your chosen bespoke scent. This gives you the chance to smell your fragrance or burn your candle, in order to thoroughly consider your likes and dislikes.

If needed, there is then time for further amendments to ensure that the final fragrance is completely uncompromising from your original thoughts and ideas.



From the point of approval, your bespoke fragrance will take 2-4 weeks to develop and finalise depending on the quantity and size. Your final product will include all required documentation ensuring its safety for personal and commercial use. (Certificates including CLP, MSDS and IFRA).