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How to practise self-care in the most sustainable way

How to practise self-care in the most sustainable way

How to practise self-care in the most sustainable way

Feeling stressed or drained lately? Or maybe you’re overwhelmed with work? The bustling and busy lifestyle that we live calls for some self-care.

Mental health is genuinely important for every single one of us and it can be super cheap while helping the environment at the same time! Here are some ways you can de-stress in the most sustainable ways possible.

Eco-Friendly Products

Eco-friendly self-care products are on the rise, look out for eco-friendly beauty products which produce little waste and no harmful chemicals. Nowadays you can find shampoo bars rather than liquid shampoo which eliminates the need for plastic!

Relax with our candles! Aromatherapy is incredible for your well-being and increases contentment. They’re versatile too, use them while working, reading, or meditating to create a beautiful ambience. 

Read a book

Technology uses up electricity which is evidently harmful to our natural resources! Close the laptop and pick up a book, this can be a wonderful new hobby, find something you enjoy and get invested in it.

Walk, Hike, Run!

The worst thing you can do is become a couch potato! Be it a walk, hike, or a run, do whatever you feel comfortable with. Self-care is more than relaxing indoors, it’s taking care of your mind and body, there’s absolutely no question a pleasant walk reduces stress levels!

Go on a group nature walk or even a quiet one by yourself. Venturing outdoors has a therapeutic effect and getting some blood flowing will make you feel accomplished.

For extra brownie points, find some friends, bring a pair of gloves, and go litter picking on your walk. No better way to help the environment while helping yourself!

Sleep it off

Tired eyes and brain fog? Getting the perfect amount of sleep is probably just what you need. Adults who sleep less than 8 hours a day can feel more agitated, cause a negative mood, low energy, difficulty concentrating, and a general inability to function. Even finding time for an hour nap will make a massive difference in your productivity and well-being.

It’s the simple things in life that truly help us with self-care and these things just happen to be the least harmful to the environment!

Power clean

Sometimes the best way to de-stress is to deep clean, our external environment tends to affect our head space. So, tidying up your room and thoroughly cleaning is a great way to de-stress while doing something productive!

Find cleaning products which have less harmful chemicals and toxic products which can affect our health. There is a plethora of biodegradable and non-toxic products in the market that you should look out for.


Meditating is amazing for reflection and getting a head start in the day. Do it first thing in the morning or before bed, it’s a scientific fact that deep breaths and focused thoughts can cause a deep state of relaxation and a tranquil mind. This relaxes not only your mind but your body which is also affected by stress!

Often times we have a long list of things to do and don’t know where to start! Meditation can help you unjumble these thoughts and attain mental focus and clarity.