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9 Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

9 Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

9 Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Home

Spring is nearly upon us and that means one important thing: spring cleaning. Although there’s some debate about the practice’s origins, it appears to be linked to ridding the house of the winter in preparation for the impending warmer weather.

Spring cleaning isn’t only good for the house, it’s good for you too. Deep cleaning your home can feel like a great weight has been lifted; so don’t overlook its mental health benefits.

To get you in the mood and on the right track, here are 9 top tips for spring cleaning your home.

  1. Make a schedule

Never underestimate the power of a good schedule. Most importantly, it’ll help keep you on track and will ensure you do things in the most logical order.

For example, you’ll want to start with tidying jobs before you get down to cleaning, and it makes sense to leave high-traffic areas to last.

Go as detailed as you want with this schedule, colour-coding jobs and specific days. A schedule can also help get kids involved because they’ll know what to do and when.

  1. Declutter your home

It’s worth starting with a declutter because the fewer things you have, the less you have to clean. There are a few principles you can apply to this process:

  • Barring seasonal clothes and items, if you haven’t used something in 6 months, consider getting rid of it.
  • Donate whatever you can.
  • If something can be recycled, make sure it ends up in the right place.
  • Apply the Marie Kondo theory: if it doesn’t spark joy, what’s the point in having it around?

Of course, decluttering doesn’t always mean throwing away. Sometimes it’s as simple as organising bills and letters into a filing cabinet so they’re not spread all over the office.

Be as ruthless as possible. You’ll thank yourself later.

  1. Scent your home

As you can imagine, we’re firm believers in the power of scent. Choosing the right scent can massively enhance your spring clean, whether this is to clear the air or give you motivation.

Citrus is always a firm favourite for clean smells, and floral scents remind you of spring. Bergamot is another good choice for its zesty fragrance, and heavier scents like sandalwood and musk can be used to mask musty smells from disturbing all that dust.

With this in mind, our top choices for spring cleaning scents would be:

Let the candle burn while you clean and it’ll easily mask dusty smells while also providing you with a clean and clear mind.

  1. Work from top to bottom

This one is fairly self-explanatory, but start in the top room furthest away from the main living space and work down to the highest traffic areas.

Starting at the top saves you having to backtrack over areas you’ve already cleaned and means areas like the kitchen or living room won’t get dirty again.

Build your schedule around this; bedrooms and upstairs bathrooms are the best starting place. Then, work your way down the stairs to the ground floor, and finish with the kitchen.

  1. Think green with your spring clean

We rely far too heavily on potentially harmful chemicals when we clean. Other than bleach (which has its place), there’s no reason why you need such harsh chemicals in your home.

For general cleaning, sodium bicarbonate and white vinegar are the winners hands-down. Between them, they can tackle literally any job around the home, including:

  • Unclogging drains
  • Cleaning windows
  • Polishing chrome
  • Cleaning ovens
  • Removing smells from carpet
  • Removing limescale from bathrooms
  • Cleaning washing machines

The list can go on and on. For other jobs, simply be considerate about where you source your products and what they contain. Brands like Ecover, Method, and OceanSaver are all great choices that are eco-friendly but don’t sacrifice quality.

  1. Show your windows and walls some love

You’d be amazed how dirty walls can get. It’s most obvious with light coloured walls and it’s a job many of us don’t consider. 

The same is definitely true for windows; while you might have a window cleaner for the outside, how often do you clean the insides?

The harshest product you should use for cleaning walls is dish soap. Always be sure to test first, as chalk-based paints will show watermarks. You can tackle tough stains with some sodium bicarbonate mixed into a thick paste.

You can clean windows with warm soapy water, but white vinegar is the winner yet again. It ensures your windows are streak-free and sparkling.

  1. Don’t fear the kitchen and bathroom

The kitchen and bathroom always seem like mammoth cleaning tasks, but they don’t need to be. It’s easy to deep clean them without loads of effort:

  • You can clean a microwave by running a bowl of vinegar and water for 5-10 minutes. The steam lifts everything and you can just wipe it away.
  • You can clean an oven using a sodium bicarbonate paste and scourer.
  • Liberally spray your bathroom with vinegar and leave it overnight. Everything will be much easier to clean in the morning.

  1. Purify your air

The best way to purify your air while cleaning is to open the windows. Alongside, make sure you’ve got plenty of plants growing indoors.

Candles or essential oil diffusers are great for this too, as is cleaning with non-toxic chemicals.

The only situation in which you might need an actual air purifier is if you have allergies.

  1. Protect yourself from allergies

If you do have allergies, it’s important to protect yourself while cleaning. Start by using a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA filter, as this makes a massive difference.

Also, wear a mask while you clean. It’ll need to be something like an N95 mask or carpenter’s dust mask to prevent airborne particles from getting in.

Again, opening the windows will help with this. If you start to feel a bit ill, make sure you get out of the house and go for a walk.


Spring cleaning is a time to clear our minds and our homes. Hopefully these tips have given you some inspiration and motivation for getting the job done.

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