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The Best Scents for Mother’s Day and Spring

The Best Scents for Mother’s Day and Spring

The Best Scents for Mother’s Day and Spring

Spring is finally just around the corner and it promises longer days, sunnier weather, and flowers galore. Mother’s Day falls at the beginning of the spring period, and there’s arguably no better time to show appreciation for the givers of life.

So whether you’re looking for an interesting gift for your mother or simply a treat for yourself to welcome the spring season, here are our top picks for the best scents for this period. We’ve chosen these because of their light and floral scents, perfect for spring.

Ajala Travel

Ajala Travel puts citrus centre stage. We’ve combined Indian lemongrass and Italian lemon with Thai lime, pineapple, melon, grapefruit, and mango. This amazing combination hits you with fruit to create an exotic and enticing aroma.

We think Ajala Travel is perfect for the spring period because it’s zesty, uplifting, and makes you think of warmer places and glorious weather. And what else is spring about?

Omo Naija

Omo Naija is an amazing combination of floral, citrus, and earthy notes. It’s made from black coffee, vanilla, and white florals combined with cedarwood and orange blossom. It’ll both relax and invigorate, making it perfect for any time of day.

We think Omo Naija is an ideal gift for Mother’s Day because it’s reminiscent of Black Opium, arguably one of the most popular and iconic perfumes of our time. 

Jade Orchid and Lotus Blossom

What really needs to be said about this beautiful fragrance? Jade orchid and lotus blossom are combined with cinnamon, vanilla, and musk. To make it fresher and lighter, we’ve added plenty of bergamot too.

This candle is simply perfect for spring because it’s floral at its core and really focuses on the floral scents found in nature. The cinnamon gives everything a spicy touch and calls back to winter, making it a perfect candle for the transitional period into spring.

Candles for Mother’s Day

If you want to give a different gift for Mother’s Day this year, consider one of our candles. Not only will you get around 40 hours of burn time from each, we use a wooden wick that gives off a crackling sound while burning. Simply put, our candles are relaxing, long lasting, and smell great.

What’s more, we hand pour our candles into concrete vessels. Unlike other candle companies where you end up with a glass jar once the candle is spent, we design our vessels for reuse after.

While our main push is sustainability, this also means that you’ll have a memento of the present long after the candle is gone. It’s fair to say that beats a bouquet of flowers.


Spring is one of our favourite times of year because it’s all about change and transition. We’ve managed to capture this feeling in our candles, which makes them perfect for enhancing the mood this season brings. So if you’re just as excited for spring, or need an interesting gift for Mother’s Day, check out our range of candles.