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Winter Candles

Winter Candles

Winter CandlesTurari, Osun, Hausa Nights, Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon

Finding the right candles to match the season is largely based on their scent profile. When it comes to winter, you want scents that are warm and inviting, but also smoky and a bit musky. Together, these aromas perfectly capture what winter really is.


To help you out, we’ve done a roundup of our favourite candles for winter. All of these will help to create the perfect atmosphere in your home as you spend long winter nights inside.



Turari wasn’t necessarily designed as a winter candle, but it includes some of the most characteristic aromas associated with Christmas. In this soy wax candle we’ve combined frankincense and myrrh to echo sacred rituals and prayer. The end result is a combination of vanilla and spice with woody and musky notes that will be perfect for relaxing on the sofa on a cold winter night.



The association between Christmas and oranges is unusual but well known. That’s why our Osun candle is perfect for winter; it combines mandarin and citrus blossom with sandalwood for the right balance of fragrance and woody notes. The mandarin gives the perfect kick of zest to an otherwise warm and inviting candle aroma. It’ll be ideal for burning while taking a warm evening bath.


Hausa Nights

Our Hausa Nights candle was inspired by the sultans of Hausaland of Kano in modern-day Nigeria. It was an opulent nation, and so this is an opulent scent. It combines sandalwood, agar wood, and cedar wood with amber, lily, and rose. The result is warmth with the perfect touch of summer fragrance to remind you of the warm months that are on their way.


Cranberry, Orange and Cinnamon

It hardly needs explaining why this candle is on our list of winter scents. Cinnamon is a warm and wintry fragrance found in everything from mulled wine to Christmas biscuits. Cranberry and orange have long been associated with Christmas, and this candle will perfectly capture the mood of the coming festive season. It makes the perfect addition to any family gathering or Christmas decorating day and will definitely get you in the festive mood.


Choosing a winter candle

Any of these candles will be perfect for winter, so all you need to do is decide which one is right for your home. All our candles are made using a soy wax base and feature a dual wooden wick that offers a beautiful glow. The wicks also crackle while burning, which can trigger ASMR in some people.


Our candles have a burn time of between 40 and 60 hours providing you care for them properly. This means they should easily last you through the festive season, by which time you can start thinking about the perfect spring candle!


Although we’ve picked these 4 choices out as our top winter candles, there are plenty more in our range that’ll help to set the mood. Why not browse our collections to see if you can find your perfect seasonal candle?