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10 Summer Activities You Can Do with Your Kids in 2020

10 Summer Activities You Can Do with Your Kids in 2020

10 Summer Activities You Can Do with Your Kids in 2020


This has been a very eventful year. Globally, we have all experienced many changes, and one of the biggest is the covid-19 pandemic and the subsequent closing of several comforts for families to enjoy their summer holidays.

Here are 10 things you might enjoy doing with your kids this summer!

10. Play sports

Many parks have started offering children’s football or other outdoor sports. Exercise is essential for children of any age. During lockdown, they would have wanted to play outside in local parks or take part in organised sports, but until now, much of that has been off-limits. Now that football clubs are opening back up, you may want to enrol your child. They can sign up with friends and get outdoor exercise much more freely than before. Be sure to take precautions for children who are at high risk for illnesses or those who have been exposed to covid, but remember that exercise and fresh air is recommended for everyone. As parents, you will also get to spend time outdoors too.

9. Visit the Local Zoo

Social distancing and mask regulations will need to be followed for each place that you attend, but you can have a fantastic time at the zoo. Most zoos offer primarily outdoor activities and animal viewing. This can end up being a great family day out.

8. Family Game Night

Bring back a good old-fashioned family game night, complete with board games. Introduce the kids to Circle of Life, Monopoly, Scrabble and all of your childhood favourites. Set up teams and compete all summer, or set up a point based system and see who the grand champion is at the end of the summer!

7. Do a Huge Puzzle

Put together a puzzle with over 1000 pieces. You can choose to glue and frame the puzzle when you are finished as well. You could also do smaller puzzles of the week and buy cheap frames to put them in throughout the summer. At the end of summer, make a collage in your hallway. You can also do a puzzle a month, or each person can do their own giant puzzle. Puzzles can be art if you want them to be. If you and your kids are into competing, let each person put together the puzzle and see who can do it in the least amount of time.

6. Grow Your Food

Teach your kids about gardening. Herbs can be easy to grow, even in small spaces. If your children struggle to try new vegetables, this is often an excellent way to get them on board. They tend to want to try things that they made. Bonus points if you grow something and then cook it. Onions, peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, carrots, and similar foods can be eaten raw. However, if you have your child make spaghetti sauce using some of those same ingredients, they may be willing to at least try an onion or pepper. Don’t forget the fresh herbs.

5. Lavender Fields

Visit the lavender fields with your children. This is a prime season for visiting lavender fields, and since they are outdoors, what better way to pass the time? Children and parents can enjoy the picturesque farms and fields while learning about the farms and plants. Some farms are limited in their offerings, so check before you go. Some farms prefer that you make appointments before coming to minimise the exposure to others. You may even be able to pick up some lavender to bring home and grow yourself. Lavender is reportedly a calming plant, which can be perfect for people concerned with covid-19.

4. Learn a Craft

Have you looked at YouTube lately? There are millions of videos. The number of “how-to” videos seems to multiply exponentially each day. Learn a new craft as a family. Try to make it something no one in your house knows how to do yet. You can start simple with things that do not take tons of money and move into more advanced things later. Learning fancy lettering only requires pens and paper. Sure the fancy pens are a little more expensive than regular pens, but you can pick up a set at most local arts and craft stores for under £15.

3. Plan a Holiday

Wait! We can’t go on holiday this year, can we? In many places, travel is not recommended, but you can pretend! You can have each person plan a vacation to anywhere they want to go in the world. Research airlines, hotels, transportation and sightseeing costs. You may not be going to Italy this year, but you can dream. If your children are older, add a layer of difficulty. Give everyone a budget and see who can plan the most creative holiday. They have to use actual costs, but they can find discount codes and deals. They have to play by voucher rules, though.

2. Book Club

Start a home book club. Let each child pick a book and run the book club for the duration of their book. Younger children may need help reading or understanding more challenging books, but this will get them reading and thinking about the text. Older children will sometimes introduce you to fantastic books you did not know existed.

1. Have Fun

Have each person come up with a list of things they want to do as a family this summer and knock stuff off the list. You do not need to have some extravagant summer holiday to have fun. Let your children be children. Enjoy parks, time at home, and sightseeing in your city or town. Nothing has to be planned. Spending time with your children is the best way to show them how much you love them.