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Scented Candles Offer Escapism During Lockdown

Scented Candles Offer Escapism During Lockdown

Scented Candles Offer Escapism During Lockdown


It’s no secret that nearly a year’s worth of lockdowns have been hard on us all. As normal life is put on hold for the greater good, many of us are looking for ways to escape to a better place.

Scented candles offer escapism during lockdown thanks to their power over memory. They can remind us of better times and better places, which are things many of us need at the moment.

Using the power of scent to escape

Scent is one of the most effective ways to recall memories. It allows us to connect with deep parts of our brain that we might not be able to access consciously. Scented candles are a great way of targeting this by matching scents you associate with locations and memories.

Many of our candles are based around concepts that hold a distinct profile. For example, our Summers in Jand candle combines orchid, lotus, bergamot, ylang, and truffle. The result is a floral bouquet that will easily remind you of past summers spent outdoors.

Alternatively, you could try our Enjoyment candle. It’s based on the aroma of mimosa and cardamom, which will be enough to remind you of cocktails on holiday with your friends. 

What’s more, our candles use wooden wicks that crackle when lit. We consider this to be a form of ASMR, which is perfect for escaping from anxiety brought about by the current situation. It might not seem much at first, but the crackling wick gives your mind something to focus on that bears no relation to the outside world.

Scent can make us imagine places we’ve never been

While escapism in one sense refers to recalling past memories, in another sense it can have no bearing on past experiences. Escapism can mean imagining a place you’ve never been to, simply to lift your mood.

Our Hausa Nights candle is based on the sultans of Hausaland of Kano in Nigeria. While you might have been to Nigeria, the sultans of Hausaland themselves no longer exist. However, what we hope to conjure up with our candle is a sense of luxury and wealth combined with relaxing floral scents.

In short, for the perfect sense of escapism, we recommend a warm and deep aroma that conjures up a sense of luxury. After all, the more luxurious you feel, the easier it’ll be to drift away from any anxiety you might be experiencing.

Of course, much of the sense of escapism is about your current surroundings. Consider taking a long warm bath and lighting your scented candle. This will help to create the perfect atmosphere for switching off and forgetting about anything that might be causing you anxiety. 


Scented candles are perfect for offering escapism during the pandemic. Whether they’re reminding you of better times or helping you to imagine better places, their aromas can take you far away from your current situation. If you want to experience the joys of escapism through scent, why not browse our collection?