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Our Top 5 Summer Candles

Our Top 5 Summer Candles

Our Top 5 Summer Candles

The summer season is officially upon us, but it’s not like it’s ever been before. Current travel restrictions mean many more of us are spending summer in England than abroad.

But there’s no reason you can’t bring a taste of the exotic to your summer staycation at home. Here’s a roundup of our top 5 candles to help you relax and brighten up your summer at home.

1. Lekki Lifestyle

This candle has warm and complex aromas that are perfect for recreating the heady nights of a Lekki summer. Experience the sweetness of tobacco combined with the warm scent of cognac and smoky notes of oak. It’ll make you think you’re spending the evening in a Cuban cigar bar.

It comes in two sizes (200ml and 400ml) in a concrete jar, which can be reused after you finish the candle. It also features a triple wooden wick for better scent and an added crackle; perfect for long summer nights outside.

2. Luscious Vanilla

Sometimes you just can’t beat vanilla as the perfect summer scent. Relax and unwind with this combination of Madagascan vanilla and nutmeg that’s perfect for the summer season.

It comes in a 300ml glass jar with a braided cotton and paper wick for longevity and a soft glow. What more do you need for brightening up a summer in England?

3. White Patchouli and Clove

This candle features sweet earthy notes that are perfect for calming the mind and soothing the soul. It contains rose, jasmine and ambrette seed, making it both soft and alluring.

It comes in a 300ml glass with a braided cotton and paper wick. Nothing says the first day of summer like the rich smell of jasmine in the air. And now you can keep the first day of summer going all season long.

4. Omo Naija

Omo Naija perfectly captures the rich and fresh aroma of a summer abroad. The combination of black coffee, vanilla, and floral elements will transport you to an evening garden in the height of summer. If you’re not able to get away for a holiday, this candle is the next best thing.

It comes in a 200ml concrete jar, which can be reused when the candle is finished. When burned properly, this candle can last up to 40 hours, meaning you’ll have it for the whole summer season.

5. Ajala Travel

Nothing says exotic summer months like the zesty aroma of mango. Combined with the pepperiness of Thai lime and fruity notes of pineapple, grapefruit and melon, this candle is perfect for transporting you to the other side of the world.

It comes in a 200ml concrete jar, with a crackling wooden wick. The jar can be reused when the candle is finished. This candle will relax and refresh even the most stressful mind, taking you to a summer season wherever you are.


Although we might not be able to go abroad this summer, there’s no reason we can’t bring the exotic home. Why not try something here from Imọlẹ Candles to see how we can brighten up your summer staycation?