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Our Candle of the Month – Turari

Our Candle of the Month – Turari

Our Candle of the Month – Turari

Each month we look to showcase one of our favourite candles that perfectly captures the mood. Considering we’re quite firmly in autumn and the colder months are creeping in, we think the perfect candle for October was Turari. We think it has everything you could need for a rich autumn scent.



Like all of our candles, Turari is formed from a soy wax base combined with a number of essential oils. We spend time crafting the perfect balance and combination of scents to create a rich and enticing aroma.


In Turari you’ll find a base of musk combined with the rich scents of Frankincense and Myrrh. All of this is finished off with the sweet scent of vanilla to provide rounded top notes to this inviting candle.


We’ve combined these fragrances to embody the feeling of ritual and prayer, as these were common scents in ancient temples because of their rarity and price. Now you can fill your home with these warm and recognisable aromas that are perfect for creating a rich and inviting atmosphere.


Our Turari candle features a dual wooden wick that helps it to burn evenly and adds its own value to the candle. Not only does a wooden wick create a bigger flame, it also adds a crackle that’s a great way of creating a feeling of ASMR. This makes it the perfect way to relax on those dreary autumn evenings.


Like all of our candles, the Turari is poured into a concrete vessel that’s hand-made by us. Each vessel is unique and features a marble pattern on the outside. We believe in sustainability, so the vessels are designed for reuse once the candle has finished burning.


Where to use our Turari candle


The joy of scented candles is that they can be used anywhere and everywhere, whenever you want. That said, the Turari is a rich and inviting aroma so is perfect for long autumn evenings relaxing with a good book or your favourite TV show.


Alternatively, burn it while you’re taking a warm bath for an extra feeling of luxury. It’s perfect for this because it’s both relaxing and stimulating, putting you in the perfect frame of mind.


Considering all of our candles have a burn time of up to 60 hours, you’ll get plenty of use out of it. We recommend the Turari as the perfect evening candle, but there’s nothing stopping you from burning it whenever you want.


Ensure you burn it for a minimum of 2 hours the first time so the wax melts evenly. We also don’t advise burning it for more than 3 hours at a time, as this can discolour the exterior of the pot. Be sure to trim the wick before each burn too.


Turari was the official candle of the month for October and it has everything you could need for autumn evenings. The combination of Frankincense and Myrrh with notes of musk and vanilla is both sweet and smoky, just what you need for relaxing.