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How We're Reducing Our Plastic Use This Plastic Free July

How We're Reducing Our Plastic Use This Plastic Free July

How We’re Reducing Our Plastic Use This Plastic Free July

As a business, one of Imọlẹ Candles’s main focuses is how we can offer our customers the best products possible with the least environmental impact. As a result, we’re always conscious of our plastic use, and build our business around the priorities of recycling and sustainability.

All of our hand-crafted soy wax candles are vegan friendly and have minimal environmental impact. As the environment is so important to us, we’re taking this Plastic Free July as an excuse to suggest ways for our readers to cut down on theirs.

How to reduce plastic use

Although recycling is becoming more and more popular, we encourage people to look at their plastic use, and to reduce the amount of plastic they bring into their homes in the first place. After all, not all plastic can be recycled, and much of the stuff that can, still ends up in landfill (or the oceans).

Here are our tips for reducing your plastic use this July:

Shop local (or small business)

Rather than buying your fruit and veg (for example) from a supermarket, switch to a local greengrocer. Not only do many try to reduce their plastic use, but they also allow you to bring your own bags, so you can get away without using any plastic.

The same is true for small businesses, as these are often more focused on their environmental impact than large multi-national companies. Take us for example. Imọlẹ Candles is a completely plastic free brand. Our soy wax candles are vegan friendly and hand-crafted using cotton and wooden wicks. Also, each candle comes in a concrete container, which we encourage you to up-cycle once the candle has been used.


On that note, up-cycling is another great way to cut down on the amount of waste you produce. You’d be surprised at the amount of things you can up-cycle into something else. Our concrete containers, for example, make great storage pots for things like pens, cotton buds, paint and paintbrushes and so much more. Alternatively, they make lovely plant pots too.

Looking to up-cycle things around your home is a perfect way to reduce plastic use, and is a good alternative to recycling too. What’s more, up-cycling things like furniture and clothes make for some great projects, particularly with kids. Spend some time doing some research online; you’d be amazed at what you can upcycle.


Although we’re all much more aware of recycling now than we ever have been, we can all do better. If you’re unable to drastically reduce your plastic use, then at least make the effort to recycle properly. Many supermarkets carry plastic recycling points, and a quick online search will tell you what can be recycled where. For example, many supermarkets recycle plastic film that can’t be taken elsewhere.

Imọlẹ Candles was founded on the principles of sustainability and beauty. We take pride in the fact that our soy wax candles are hand-crafted, vegan friendly, and completely plastic free. Why not use Plastic Free July as a reason to look at your recycling habits, and see what you can change for the better?