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How to Start a Zero Waste Lifestyle Today

How to Start a Zero Waste Lifestyle Today

How to Start a Zero Waste Lifestyle

You've probably heard the term zero waste lifestyle and what it entails but not everyone knows how exactly to get there. It may seem daunting at first but fret not, you'll be telling all your friends about it in no time!

Truthfully, a zero-waste life won't cost you anything and you certainly won't need a degree to get started. All it takes is some attention and a little bit of free time once a week to give back to the environment. Here are some tips and guidelines on how you can start a zero-waste lifestyle from scratch.


Possibly one of the most important words on this list! Rummage through your old clothes, DVDs, books and electronics, most things you find will be useful in some way or another. They can be passed down, sent to your local charity shop, or sold.

If you're talented with DIY, start a personal project and make use of that creativity, this is called upcycling, for example, renewing old clothes or converting your old candle holders into beautiful plant pots!

Ditch the single-use items and get into the world of reusables. This ranges from coffee cups, shopping bags, containers and more. This simple switch will save you cash over time and results in less waste. This way you'll only be using single-use bottles in emergencies!


Consider your consumption

Think about what you need. It's an undeniable fact that we all love shopping, and this means we may purchase items we don't need. Maybe you have these items somewhere in your house that you can easily reuse! This also relates to single-use items, try your best to avoid them, in due course this helps reduce the amount of waste. For example, do you need that extra pen from the fair or any other freebies for that matter. Instead of buying things, you could consider renting or borrowing too. In the end, the more we think meticulously about what we need and don't need, our overall waste will be a lot lower.



Recycling, we hear it time and time again, but with good reason. You probably recycle yourself and you should do it whenever you can! Nowadays you can recycle pretty much everything, from plastics, paper, glass, and there are many companies which take your old batteries or printer cartridges for free instead of chucking it in the bin. This means that most things around your house can be recycled or reused so think twice before you think about throwing away old goods, as they say, one man's waste is another man's treasure!



So, what about food? What a surprise, there's a solution for this too! Place all your waste food into a jar and put them in the freezer. Then, simply dump the waste off at your local food scrap drop off. Or you could turn this into compost for your gardens. All these tips will ensure you genuinely reduce all your waste and can be done by anyone!