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Candle of the Month – Osun

Candle of the Month – Osun

Candle of the Month – Osun

Each time we select a candle of the month, we base it on the season and the feelings this conjures up. However, this month, our choice is also based on some extra publicity.

In January, our Osun candle was featured in a great blog on the Strategist, alongside some other amazing artisanal brands. So we’ve decided to make it our candle of the month to give this bestseller a bit more publicity and the attention it deserves.


Our Osun candle is designed to conjure up the bustling markets in Lagos. There you’d find a wide range of herbs and spices and fruits and vegetables that combine into a heady aroma of inviting scents.

Osun is a combination of citrus and sandalwood. It starts with top notes of citrus and mandarin, which lead into sandalwood and orange blossom. It’s sweet and zesty but is backed up by warm, earthy tones.

We infuse essential oils into a soy wax base, which we finish off with a wooden wick. The wick not only burns better than traditional wicks, but it crackles as it burns, giving the soothing atmosphere of a fire. Importantly, soy wax is able to hold scent much better than traditional wax, meaning your scented candle will give off its amazing aroma for its whole burn time.

Burn time can last up to 60 hours providing you properly care for the candle. This means not burning it for more than 3 hours at a time, trimming the wick before each burning, and storing it in a cool, dry place when not in use. The first time you burn it, however, you should do so for at least 2 hours. This ensures the candle doesn’t tunnel.

What is Osun?

Our candles take inspiration from Nigerian history and culture, and this one is no different. Osun is the name of the supreme deity in Yoruba-based religions. She was the only female spirit involved in the creation of the world, and so is celebrated for her importance and feminine power. She is celebrated at an annual festival that has been happening for around 600 years.

Where to use your Osun candle

One of the best things about the Osun candle is its diversity. Its earthy and citrus notes are both relaxing and invigorating, making it a truly multipurpose candle. Osun would be perfect for burning in the kitchen while cooking, or for using when taking a relaxing bath. You could even burn it while laying back with a good book – it has no limits.

Similarly, its scent is one that we think everyone will enjoy. Citrus is a widely enjoyed fragrance, making Osun ideal as a gift for others, or as a treat for yourself.


Osun is the perfect choice for this month’s candle of the month. The earthy tones of sandalwood look back towards winter, while the fresh citrus notes and orange blossom look forwards to spring. Why not treat yourself to an Osun candle and enjoy the seasonal shift in style?