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Candle of the Month – Hausa Nights

Candle of the Month – Hausa Nights

Candle of the MonthHausa Nights

Our candle of the month series is designed to highlight one of our candles that matches the mood. For November and December, this was Hausa Nights; its woody and floral notes are perfect for colder winter months because they add a touch of summer.


Hausa Nights

This candle is inspired by the Hausaland of Kano in modern-day Nigeria. Not only does it take inspiration from local produce, but also from the opulence enjoyed by the kingdom’s sultans. This limited edition candle comes in a handcrafted vessel brushed in either silver or gold.


It starts with a soy wax base imbued with a range of essential oils. The candle uses a dual wooden wick that has a beautiful glow and helps to create ASMR. We’ve combined different elements to get an amazing balance of warm, woody notes and fresh, floral scents.


You start with the woody aromas of agar wood, cedar wood, and sandalwood, combined with a light vanilla musk. These then move into middle notes of amber and guaiac wood with hints of sweet lily and jasmine. Finally, it ends with sweet and fruity top notes, including fresh powdered rose.


We chose this combination of scents to capture the feeling of opulence found in the Hausaland of Kano. Kano was a rich kingdom in the Middle Ages thanks to its production of cotton, particularly dyed indigo. So, as a nod to these affluent sultans, we settled on a heady mix of woody aromas and floral scents.


Where to use our Hausa Nights candle

While you can use our Hausa Nights candle wherever you want, it’ll shine better in some situations than others. We feel its warm, inviting fragrances are well suited to burning in the evening, particularly in the living room or study.


You’ll also find it to be a great choice for a long evening bath, as it’ll make you feel relaxed but also refreshed. Rose, lily, and jasmine are all very clean scents, while sandalwood and vanilla help to create a luxurious ambience.


The Hausa Nights candle has a burn time of around 40 hours so it’ll easily last you all month wherever you choose to burn it.


We recommend burning it for at least 2 hours upon first use to prevent tunnelling. After use, wait for it to cool and then trim the wick so it burns evenly next time. Don’t burn it for more than 3 hours at a time because this could lead to discolouration on the pot. As with our other candles, this pot is reusable once the candle is finished.


Hausa Nights was November’s candle of the month and is perfect for enjoying long winter evenings indoors. We think the woody and floral notes are both relaxing and stimulating, while also offering the perfect dose of summer fragrance.


When it comes to winter, we can all benefit from a dose of summer. Luckily, the Hausa Nights candle offers exactly this, allowing you to enjoy winter in luxury while being reminded of warmer times.